•Support our students: tell the NJ Senate to PASS S-2349!

On Thursday, March 24, the NJ Assembly voted with overwhelming bipartisan support to pass A-3196, a bill that will make this year’s administration of the NJ Graduation Proficiency Assessment (NJGPA), the 11th grade exit test, a field test, with the class of 2023 not subject to any other alternate assessment to graduate.

During the hearing when this bill was heard, Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, the bill’s primary sponsor, said giving such a test to students this year would be “educational malpractice.”  

Now, it’s time for the NJ senate to act in order to prevent this educational malpractice.  


Write to your state Senator and ask them to support S-2349 – Requires State Board of Education to administer New Jersey Graduation Proficiency Assessment as field test for class of 2023.